Krone believes that excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. To achieve excellence, men have to face moments when the stakes are high and the adrenaline begins to race. It might be the preparation of the most important meeting of your career or it could be the decisive moment during a crunch match. Such moments demand an attitude, an attitude that brings excellence to men.

Our Xtreme Series is designed for youth who are ambitious, energetic and yet trendy. Xtreme series has redefined the traditional Men’s body care category by introducing French perfumed body sprays. Our odor are genuine and harmonious. The fragrance that leads to the right brain activity, which rules emotions, memory, and creativity, also boost positivity and improves our drive to accomplish, and increases resistance to failure.

Xtreme Body spay formulated with exotic fragrances for men.
Keep you energized upto 12 hours
Best of school boys till professional men
Have 4 exotic variants: Classical, Mantastic, Persona, Tempted fragrances

Liquid content perfumed spray. Tantalizing French Perfumed. Applicable on clothes as well. Less is more in use.

GlowMen helps in removing dirt, oil grime and unwanted debris. Walnut scrubbing beads that active skin, removing dead skin cells. It also helps in preventing spots and blemishes to occur on the face. Gives fresh, radiant and healthy looking skin.

Krone’s Attitude Collection launched its first range in 2014 including men & pocket perfume collection. Krone’s Attitude collections offer eight exotic body spray variants— Bold, Fresh, Cool, Active, Social, Mature, Smart and Daring. It promises full protection from bad malodor throughout the day while its pleasant smell seduce and reflect bold personality. Wear Krone attitude to make up your moment; Special moments demand an attitude, an ATTITUDE that brings excellence to men!

Krone smarty, for a man with a difference. We are continuously expanding the odor pallet of Krone, improving the old tastes and developing new ones. Smarty the best collection for men with its 8 variants of Smarty pocket perfume — Bold, Oudh, Cool, Bakheer, Social, Sultanat, Asool, Almas adapts fragrances from varied natural extracts that are unique and characteristic only for those who opt for the best. The elegant fragrance are from France, which give long-term protection with the masculine charm to lead the world.

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